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"The Academy is doing valiant and important work…I could not be happier to be associated with them"

Jason Robert Brown, Broadway Composer, Musical Director and Lyricist.

”I am proud to be a part of what is going on at The Danish Musical Academy”

David Brunetti, Broadway Coach

"...ability to change, grow, and inspire"

Victoria Clark, Actor, teacher, director

The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre is one of the world’s top training institutions

Cary Libkin, Professor and Head of Musical Theatre Degree Progams, Penn State University

"The syllabus and facilities at the Academy are excellent…"

Lisa Kent, Director/Choreographer

The faculty of the school has its fingers directly on the pulse of the New York theater scene.

Pasek & Paul - Tony-nominated songwriters

Pakhuskoncert mandag d. 22 september kl. 20.30

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Coaching koncert

med 2. årgang 2014

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10. september 2014

"Musicalaften på Det Bruunske Pakhus. Mandag d.22.0.."

29. august 2014

"Lejligheder søges!! Akademiet har ofte besøg af g.."

28. august 2014

"Det er med stor sorg, at vi har modtaget nyheden o.."


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